A couple months ago Jane Yunker (Chippewa Falls Area Contact) started making plans for WisRWA’s 2020 Writers’ Retreat. Here’s the good news…WisRWA has signed the contract for a fabulous fall writing retreat in 2020

When? The fun kicks off Friday, October 2nd and goes through Sunday, October 4th, 2020

Where? The Foster Retreat Center. Located in Foster, Wisconsin just off 94. It’s a beautiful rural (easy to find) house with 10 bedrooms, 4 baths, full kitchen, patio with fire pit…I could go on. Check it out: https://fosterretreatcenter.com/

Jane is here to answer your questions:

Why should I go somewhere else to write, when I can do that at home?My answer is: That’s very true, you can write at home…if you can ignore the spouse, the kids, the pets, the laundry, need I say more? At the retreat you’ll be surrounded by others who understand you, people who share your desire to find that perfect word to describe your hero’s eyes, your heroine’s smile. There will be someone with a good idea for the title you’ve been losing sleep over. Whatever your current struggle, there will be someone to help.

“Maybe your current WIP is coming along just fine. You have no real problems at the moment. Well, you might be that someone the next person is looking for to help with their problem.”

What about breaks? Or breathers? We won’t forget about down time! At the end of the day, when our notebooks and computers are put away, who better to share a glass of wine and a laugh with than another writer? No one’s going to judge you if you have more than one glass. No one’s going to shake their head and tsk tsk if you go off your diet.

What about the sleeping arrangements? If you don’t like the idea of sharing a room with others, don’t let that be the reason that’s holding you back. While we won’t be setting aside a block of hotel rooms, we will provide a list of nearby hotels you can contact.

Headshot of Jane Yunker

“We really hope you’ll stay at the retreat center. I know I don’t want to miss a single minute of the fun, and I’m willing to bet, neither do you.” Jane