The Ana Leigh Lifetime Achievement Award is named for the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. As one of the highest honors Wisconsin Romance Writers bestows, this award is presented to a living author in recognition of significant contributions to WisRWA and the romance genre.

To qualify for the award, the recipient must be a WisRWA member for the 10 years prior to receiving the award and their career in romantic fiction must span a minimum of 15 years.  Recipients must have promoted the romance genre, taught romance in fiction, published romantic fiction or served WisRWA. Recipients must maintain active WisRWA membership.

2010: Anna Baier (writing as Ana Leigh)
2014: Bob Rogers (writing as Jean Barrett and Jean Thomas)
2017: Laura Iding (writing as Laura Scott)

The Donna K. Smith Chapter Service Award is named for the first recipient of the award in 1996. It recognizes a member for their service to WisRWA above and beyond expectations. The member is voted on by their fellow members and the award is presented at one of WisRWA annual events.

NOTE: Recipients were given the award in the year listed, but were recognized for the previous year’s service.

2019 – Tricia Quinnies
2018 – Lisa Romdenne
2017 – Virginia McCullough and Gini Athey
2016 – Molly Maka and Kristin Bayer
2015 – Mary Jo Scheibl and Kate Bowman
2014 – Liz Czukas and Liz Lincoln Steiner
2013 – Barbara M. Britton and Karen Miller
2012 – Anne Parent
2011 – Rachel Berens Van-Heest
2010 – Betsy Norman
2009 – Jamie Kersten
2008 – Mary Jo Scheibl and Sandra Turriff
2007 – Donna Kowalczyk
2006 – Lori Devoti
2005 – Beth Watson
2004 – Shirley Cayer
2003 – Laura Iding
2002 – Leslie Parker and Anna Baier
2001 – Lori Handeland and Susie Just
2000 – Kate Bowman
1999 – Sharon Antoniewicz
1998 – Bonita Mason
1997 – Peggy Hendricks
1996 – Georgann Suszka
1995 – Donna K. Smith

The Alysse Rasmussen and Rose Marie Ferris Honor Roll is named after the two founders of WisRWA. The Honor Roll recognizes WisRWA members who have published at least ten books. Books are defined as a work of romantic fiction with at least 20,000 words that is not a reprint, alternate format from its original publication or part of an anthology.

Bronze (10-24 books published)
Victoria Hinshaw
Roxana Huebscher
Paisley Kirkpatrick
Virginia McCullough
Amy McNulty
Tina Susedik

Silver (25-49 books published)

Gold (50-74 books published)
Lyn Cote
Laura Iding w/a Laura Scott
Jennifer Yost w/a Jevenna Willow

Platinum (75-99 books published)

Diamond (100+ books published)