The 27th Annual Fabulous Five contest for unpublished authors and authors not published in book length fiction in the last five years is open for entries. WisRWA is pleased to be able to offer entrants of the 2018 Fabulous Five contest a chance to win one of eight detailed critiques from a published WisRWA author. We wanted to introduce everyone to each of these authors, and share a little bit about their writing journey. Without further ado, please meet our second author: Tina Susedik.

Tina Susedik/ Anita KidesuTina is an award-winning, multi-published author with books in both fiction and non-fiction, including history, children’s, military books and romances. Her favorite is writing romance stories where her characters live happily ever after. She lives in Northwestern Wisconsin and is a member of Romance Writers of America, Wisconsin Romance Writers of America, Wisconsin Writer’s Association, and Sisters In Crime. Tina also write spicier romances as Anita Kidesu.

WISRWAHow long have you been writing? Can you tell us a little about your journey to publication?

TINA: I’ve been writing since 1996 – but not all in romance. I have four history books and three military books that were published from 1998 to 2007. Every time I’d start a romance, I’d get hired to write a history book. In 2011 I decided it was time to get serious about putting my romances out there. I pitched two different stories at one of our WisRWA conferences that year. Lo and behold I got requests for three chapters from both publishers within two weeks of each other. Then I received requests for full manuscripts for both to them. My first book, “Riding for Love,” a romantic mystery was published in May, 2013. I was sixty-one. Since then, I’ve had ten romances published, including those in anthologies and with my pen name, Anita Kidesu. I took first place in the International Digital Awards for my historical romance, “The Trail to Love.” I also have three children’s books in print.

WISRWAWhat is something that you learned along the way that proved to be a light bulb moment and still is relevant to your writing today?

Missing my Heart by Tina SusedikTINA: One of the things I learned along the way of my publishing career is that it’s never too late. I was sixty-one before my first romance was published. I’ve also learned that writing is hard work – especially the promotional part. My lightbulb moment may have been when I realized I needed to come up with some way to keep track of my characters’ names from my different books. I kept wanting to call the young boys in my stories, Tommy. Excel is my friend.

WISRWAWhat is one piece of writing or industry advice you can offer to unpublished authors?

TINA: One piece of advice I’d give unpublished authors is to never give up and to make sure your work is well-edited. Keep learning. It doesn’t matter how many books I have published, I always learn something new. Well, I guess that was three pieces of advice.

WISRWAAny new books coming out in the near future?

TINA: I have several books coming out this year. On February 21st, “Love With the Side of Crazy” will be released. I’m part of “Deadwood Tales,” with several other authors. It’s an anthology with all the stories set in Deadwood, South Dakota. Mine is an historical. I’m currently working on “Missing Innocence,” my next book in the Chandler County stories.

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For a chance to win a detailed critique by Tina, don’t forget to enter the Fabulous Five contest. She will be offering a detailed a detailed critique for one lucky entrant in the Contemporary category. For more information about the contest and to enter, click here.