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When You Know Better, Do Better

One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou: "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Personally, I think this quote can apply to all areas of my life, both personal and professional. It applies to me as an author who is always learning new things

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Sprinting To “The End” with MOLLY MAKA

With NaNoWriMo  https://nanowrimo.org/ winding down for the month, I’ve been reflecting on how much sprints have saved my life and my word count. I thought I would share a few sources and tips to make sprints work for you. If you aren’t familiar with sprints, here’s what you do: Set a timer for whatever timeframe you

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Life on the Page with Bobbi Groover

Greetings fellow authors! It’s been many months now that we’ve all been inundated with all sorts of news, some good, some bad, some downright frightening.  As a fiction writer, all those bombardments (many of which are out of my control) make me dive into my writing, into a world where I am omnipotent.  I can

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Seeking the HEART of Your Brand

Brand means many things to many people--your book covers showing the same colors and fonts, your chosen sub-genre of romance: romantic suspense, inspirational, LGBT, paranormal, etc. and the all-important Voice.  But what about the “magic” that happens when a reader picks up your book and “connects” with you through it? When this happens, you’ve gained

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Here An Arc, There An Arc…

From the day I started writing fiction, I’ve heard about the critical importance of character arcs, which for the sake of brevity we can think of as a journey of change. It’s almost a mantra: Major characters must change. I recently took an online class with author Kathryn Craft that focused on character arcs. (Raiders

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Defining Five Historic Women

In my latest release, I tell the story of five sisters who changed history by asking to inherit land in a male-dominated society. I’m sure the daughters of Zelophehad were fearful of upsetting their relatives, and I was fearful of writing their story. How would I bring five characters to life on the page? I

Two Quick Tasks Improve Momentum and Voice

By: Christine DeSmet As a writing instructor and coach, I deal with manuscripts that may have received passes by agents, or are too long, or don’t seem to have a “voice” yet. As a writer, too, I often over-write by 10,000 to 20,000 words in search of my novel’s story. (My cozy mystery/romance manuscripts need

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How to Avoid Writing Burnout When You Write Fiction and Work as a Writer or Editor

Image credit: DepositPhoto Writing fiction is a passion for most authors, who come from all sorts of career fields and backgrounds. At the same time, it’s definitely work, too, to see a story through from start to finish. While there’s plenty to be said for work-life-writing balance in general and also sticking to deadlines when

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Writing Dialogue That Delights Readers

Best-selling author Stephen King once said, “Good dialogue is a delight to read. Bad dialogue is deadly” (181). As readers, we can readily agree, but if you’re like me, an author intent on improving her craft, you want to know how to write dialogue that is a delight. You’re seeking guided practice—some rules. Here are

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