Get The Most Out of Your WisRWA Membership

Are you getting the most out of your WisRWA membership? Here is a list of the current benefits WisRWA provides for members.   Monthly Area Meetings We currently have two active areas (Wausau and Greater Green Bay) and are working to find an area contact for the Milwaukee group. Members are invited to attend any

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What Is a Professional Writer?

Notice I didn't use the word published. You're a writer whether you're published or not. Professionalism doesn't involve books on a shelf. It's an outlook, an attitude, an inner code of ethics about how you relate to and interact with the writing/publishing business and those that inhabit that realm. The only thing constant about the publishing

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Introducing the WisRWA Hall of Fame!

The WisRWA Board is excited to announce a new feature on our refreshed website called the WisRWA Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame celebrates recipients of member awards and authors who have published at least 10 books. Let’s take a look at what you can find in the Hall of Fame. Ana Leigh Lifetime

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Statement from WisRWA regarding recent RWA Ethics Issue

The following statement was sent to the Romance Writers of America Board and staff from the WisRWA Board and our Diversity and Outreach committee regarding the recent ethics issue: The Wisconsin Romance Writers of America chapter is writing to express displeasure at the recent censure, suspension, and leadership ban enacted upon Courtney Milan. The vote

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Writing Retreat!

A couple months ago Jane Yunker (Chippewa Falls Area Contact) started making plans for WisRWA’s 2020 Writers’ Retreat. Here’s the good news…WisRWA has signed the contract for a fabulous fall writing retreat in 2020 When? The fun kicks off Friday, October 2nd and goes through Sunday, October 4th, 2020 Where? The Foster Retreat Center. Located

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Two Quick Tasks Improve Momentum and Voice

By: Christine DeSmet As a writing instructor and coach, I deal with manuscripts that may have received passes by agents, or are too long, or don’t seem to have a “voice” yet. As a writer, too, I often over-write by 10,000 to 20,000 words in search of my novel’s story. (My cozy mystery/romance manuscripts need

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How to Avoid Writing Burnout When You Write Fiction and Work as a Writer or Editor

Image credit: DepositPhoto Writing fiction is a passion for most authors, who come from all sorts of career fields and backgrounds. At the same time, it’s definitely work, too, to see a story through from start to finish. While there’s plenty to be said for work-life-writing balance in general and also sticking to deadlines when

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Writing Dialogue That Delights Readers

Best-selling author Stephen King once said, “Good dialogue is a delight to read. Bad dialogue is deadly” (181). As readers, we can readily agree, but if you’re like me, an author intent on improving her craft, you want to know how to write dialogue that is a delight. You’re seeking guided practice—some rules. Here are

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