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Let’s Keep Plugging Away! Together!

I’m new to this writing profession. That’s only partially true – I have two nonfiction books in print that I like to say are Limited Editions. They are. I wrote them when I had other careers. So, unless you are interested in Demystifying Leadership, or A Reflective Journey – Connecting Your Head, Heart, Spirit and

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Seeking the HEART of Your Brand

Brand means many things to many people--your book covers showing the same colors and fonts, your chosen sub-genre of romance: romantic suspense, inspirational, LGBT, paranormal, etc. and the all-important Voice.  But what about the “magic” that happens when a reader picks up your book and “connects” with you through it? When this happens, you’ve gained

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Get The Most Out of Your WisRWA Membership

Are you getting the most out of your WisRWA membership? Here is a list of the current benefits WisRWA provides for members.   Monthly Area Meetings We currently have two active areas (Wausau and Greater Green Bay) and are working to find an area contact for the Milwaukee group. Members are invited to attend any

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Here An Arc, There An Arc…

From the day I started writing fiction, I’ve heard about the critical importance of character arcs, which for the sake of brevity we can think of as a journey of change. It’s almost a mantra: Major characters must change. I recently took an online class with author Kathryn Craft that focused on character arcs. (Raiders

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Reading from the Outside

I love writing classes. They so often offer unexpected surprises. I’d like to share a tip from a recent class that made an impact on me. Veronia Rossi talked about revision. She said read your work and look for the sentences that are vague and general. They’re missing specifics. They’re using a phrase you’ve read

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Defining Five Historic Women

In my latest release, I tell the story of five sisters who changed history by asking to inherit land in a male-dominated society. I’m sure the daughters of Zelophehad were fearful of upsetting their relatives, and I was fearful of writing their story. How would I bring five characters to life on the page? I

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Chekov’s Gun—or the Fiery Red Bug

What does a fiery red bug have to do with a gun? Everything…if you’re an author writing a story and fleshing it out with detail. Which details? Ah, the conundrum of “significant detail.” That is, the details that matter. Which details matter? Besides providing an atmosphere (setting) in which the story unfolds, those include details

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What Is a Professional Writer?

Notice I didn't use the word published. You're a writer whether you're published or not. Professionalism doesn't involve books on a shelf. It's an outlook, an attitude, an inner code of ethics about how you relate to and interact with the writing/publishing business and those that inhabit that realm. The only thing constant about the publishing

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Nationals Goes Virtual

RWA National Conference is going virtual! This year, the conference will be completely virtual and will be offered at a much lower rate. Plus, registration gives you access to recordings of most of the sessions for the rest of the year. The conference is free for Black members and a number of scholarships are available

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