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Jul 15
Chippewa Falls
10:00-12:30; 29 Pines at Sleep Inn & Suites, Eau Claire

Brainstorming: Have you ever sat at your computer and stared at the blank screen (or blank paper, if you’re old school), your head empty of any kind of idea of what to write next? Of course you have, we all have! Come join us as we brainstorm how best to brainstorm.
Aug 05
Chippewa Falls
10:00-12:30; Please contact area contact, Jane Yunker (jane.yunker@gmail.com) for the location

Join the Chippewa Falls WisRWA group for our annual potluck meeting when we plan our 2017-2018 schedule and celebrate all-around fun. Let us know if you plan on joining us so we can get a head-count on food. Bring a dish to pass, ideas for the coming year, and a desire to have a good time.

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Contact WisRWA

WisRWA is the Wisconsin chapter of the Romance Writers of America. To contact WisRWA, email us at wisrwa @ gmail.com

Officers (2016-2017)

writetouch @ gmail.com

writetouchcontest @ gmail.com

President Lisa Romdenne
Vice President-Communications Molly Maka
Secretary Stefanie Dowell
Treasurer Valerie Clarizio

Area Contacts

Greater Green Bay Stacey Netzel
Milwaukee Jennifer Rupp
Northwestern Wisconsin/
Chippewa Falls
Jane Yunker
Wausau Marlene Urso

Other Board Members/Contacts

2017 Conference Chairs Donna Kowalczyk
Fabulous Five Contest Coordinator Molly Maka and Sandy Goldsworthy
fabfivecontest @ gmail.com
Write Touch Reader’s Choice Contest Coordinator  Virginia Athey
writetouchcontest @ gmail.com

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