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There are numerous ways to do everything on my.RWA. In an effort to keep these instructions short, I won't detail every last option. If you find a different way that you prefer, great. If you want to share it with the group, go for it. If you have any corrections, please contact me at kkbayer @

How to Sign Up for my.RWA

Before any of these features will work, you need to be registered for my.RWA. Most of our members are, but there are still a few holdouts, and these directions are for you.

  1. Pull up the RWA site in your Internet browser (
  2. In the Member Login area, type in the email address on file with RWA in the username field
  3. Enter your password in the password field, then click Login. (If you don't remember your password, just click on Login anyway, and it will take you to a page with a link that says "Forgot your password". You can click that link and follow the directions to re-set your password.)
  4. You'll be taken to a screen that tells you how to join myRWA. Click on the link that says "Click here to opt in to myRWA."
  5. After you click the link, you'll be taken to your profile page on the RWA website, which is where you'll opt in to myRWA and enter a your name and email address. Check the box that says "click here to join myRWA." Then you'll need to type in a user first name, user last name, and an email address. (This is the email address that will be used for all the forum/loop postings, e.g. Announcements, Discussions and News. The email address must be a live one, and may be visible to other myRWA members.) Other fields are optional.
  6. Click the "Save" button
  7. Logout, then log back in, and you should be taken to the my.RWA home page

How to Log In to my.RWA

Log in by going to There's a place to log in right there on the page. Or go to, and log in on that page instead. The log in screens look different, but they'll both get you to the same place. If you don't remember your password, click the "Forgot Your Password" link. My.RWA uses the email address that you have on file with RWA, which may not be the one you use regularly.

Finding WisRWA on my.RWA

Once you're logged in:

  • Click on "Connect" in the menu bar, then choose "Communities." That will show you a page with a menu of buttons on the left-hand side. The selection of buttons varies depending on how many memberships you have, whether in chapters or other RWA online groups.
  • Click on the "Chapters" button. If you're in more than one chapter, you'll see them listed. If you're only a member of WisRWA, you'll be taken directly to the WisRWA page.

How to Make a Shortcut Link To WisRWA's Page on my.RWA

Click on "My Links" near the top of the page, then "Add This Page." After that, when you log in to my.RWA, you can click on "My Links" and choose the WisRWA page there, and save a couple of mouse clicks.

Announcements Forum

Announcements are a little different than regular loop emails, because they are one-way. Like the Yahoo announcements loop, the my.RWA announcements forum is for infrequent and important chapter announcements. Unlike other forums or loops, a response only goes back to the person who sent the announcement, and not to the whole group. Also, announcements can only be sent by our president Anne Parent, or on very rare occasions by the website administrator. If you have an important announcement that needs to go out as an announcement, please contact Anne with it.

News and Discussion Forums

These forums will replace the Yahoo email loop that we've been using. You didn't have to sign up for the Announcements forum - that was automatic. But if you want to receive the posts in the Discussions and the News loops/forums, you will need to sign up. We set them to be opt-in.

Note that you can sign in to my.RWA and check out the content on these forums without subscribing. And you can post to them from within my.RWA without subscribing. Subscribing is handy because you receive the postings as emails, and if you respond to the email posts, they will be posted to the forums for you, and be distributed as email, which is nice and easy. In addition, you can start a new thread through email, by sending an email to either (for the Discussions forum) or (for the News forum).

You may have noticed that we have 3 forums now instead of just 2. The Announcements forum replaces the former Yahoo announcements loop. The Discussions and News forums replace the regular Yahoo WisRWA loop. The Discussions forum is for discussions, whether of craft or the profession, or whatever. The News forum is for sharing News. So they're named fairly intuitively. We will still have the Facebook page, which has been a great place for interesting discussions to occur too, and news to be exchanged. Just like in real life, conversations happen organically in lots of places.

To subscribe to these forums:

  • Login to my.RWA
  • Go to the WisRWA page, by clicking on Connect in the menu bar, then Communities, then clicking the Chapters button. Depending on how many chapters you're in, you'll either go directly to the WisRWA page then, or see a list of links for the chapters you belong to.
  • On the right side of the page are gray buttons, one for each forum. Click on each one to subscribe to each. The automatic setting is for you to receive the posts as individual emails, and to receive them immediately, but there are other options, described lower on the subscription page, that you can try.
You can go back later and change your subscription if you think you'd prefer a different subscription option. And you can always go back and unsubscribe if you want.

How to tell if you're subscribed:
It's easy to tell if you're subscribed to the new WisRWA loops. On the WisRWA page in my.RWA, just look at the 2 gray buttons. They tell you what you can do. If they say "Subscribe," then you should click them to subscribe to the loops.

If they say "Unsubscribe," then you know that you are subscribed, and clicking them will unsubscribe you.(So don't do that.)

The only tricky bit is changing your subscription (e.g. between immediate emails and digest, etc.) You have to Unsubscribe, and then Subscribe again. (I think this is a dopey design, and have made the suggestion that they improve this, a suggestion I hope they take soon.) Once you're on the Subscribe page, pick the format you want.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe as often as you want, with no repercussions, as long as in the end you are in the state you want, most likely subscribed.

Submitting a Blog Entry

Any WisRWA member can write an entry in the blog on the WisRWA's my.RWA page. The blog is moderated, which means that if you create a blog entry, you can submit it, but it won't be published onto the page until someone with web administration status (right now that's Anne Parent, Barb Britton and Kristin Bayer) press the Publish button. There are a few minimal rules the entry needs to adhere to.

Blog Rules:

  • It needs to be about WisRWA, e.g. about the conference or the writer's conference, or a workshop or area meeting, or something like that.
  • It can't be self-promoting, or anything in violation of IRS's guidelines for non-profit organizations, which Anne has emailed about.
If you would like to post something on WisRWA's my.RWA blog, which will be available to all our members, here's how:
  1. Log in to my.RWA, and go to the WisRWA page.
  2. Click on the Blog
  3. Click on "Actions" then "Add Article"
  4. Fill in the form, then click "OK" to save your entry
  5. Email Anne, Barb or Kristin if you would like us to look at the entry promptly, so it gets published promptly. Otherwise you'll need to wait until we notice an entry in the queue.

How to Subscribe to the WisRWA Board Subgroup Forums

To subscribe:

  • Login to my.RWA
  • On the right side of the screen, in the "My Quick Links" box, click on "Communities."
  • A page will open with buttons on the left side. Click the button titled "Chapter Sub-groups"
  • If you're in multiple sub-groups, you'll see a list. Click on the link for the board. If you're only in one subgroup, you'll be taken directly to the page.
  • Click on the big gray buttons for subscribing. You'll need to subscribe to both the Announcements forum and the Discussion forum. They're separate subscriptions, and you'll need to do both.