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May 19
2017 WisRWA Conference
May 19 - 21, 2017
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Featuring best-selling authors Christie Craig, Virginia Kantra, and Sarah MacLean.

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Meeting Times

Apr 05
Green Bay
11:30-3:00 - 1951 West Restaurant,1951 Bond St, Green Bay

PERSONAL BRANDING: We all know about product branding - Nike's “Just Do It,” for example - but have you heard about personal branding? Gini Athey will present a Five-Point Personal Branding program and suggest ways to connect it to our writing and promotion of our books.
Apr 15
9:00-11:30 - Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, Lower Level)

PITCH PRACTICE with Literary Agent Abby Saul of Lark Group, who will share some tips, dos and don’ts, as well as insider info on romance trends. Tighten up your pitch for the May Conference in Green Bay. Get feedback on your opening hook and your query letter. Whatever you need, Abby can give insight from her end as a publishing partner. Bring your first page, your latest query letter, and your pitch.
Apr 15
11:15-1:15 - Vino Latte

WHAT'S THE SECRET TO MAKING A ROMANCE NOVEL POP? The answer is mystery, suspense, and tension, using a wide range of tried-and-true, nuanced techniques that can spice up any story and keep readers turning pages and coming back for more.
Apr 29
Chippewa Falls
10:00-12:30 - 29 Pines @ Sleep Inn & Suites

STRENGTHENING OUR WORDS for Better Storytelling - We exercise our muscles and feed our bodies healthy foods (most of the time). But what about our brains? What about our writing skills? Stronger words make for a stronger story which makes for better sales. So join us for a discussion on this important topic!

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