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Oct 07
Green Bay
9:30 - 3:00; Comfort Suites, Green Bay

Join Green Bay members for a FREE Saturday workshop with Colleen Belongea. Colleen is a former LT. for the Green Bay Police Department, she is a Criminal Justice Instructor for NWTC, as well as a State of Wisconsin DOJ Instructor certified to teach in the LE Academy. Colleen will present the following workshops: 1. Women and Law Enforcement…why they get into LE, why they leave, promotions, etc. How to survive in the field, how to build a career in the field, what are quick career killers for women; 2. Defense and Arrest Tactics; and 3. Law enforcement responses & a LE officer’s perspective on the changes in society and challenges for officers. Detailed schedule forthcoming.
Oct 14
10:00-12:00 at Marathon County Library (2nd Floor Small Conference Room), 300 N. 1st Street, Wausau, WI

Marketing Continued. Learn how BookFunnel Bundles and Instafreebie can help you with marketing your book.
Oct 21
9:00-11:30 am at Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, Lower Level)

Polish and Submit Workshop with Cheryl Yeko: Bring your query letter drafts, summaries, author bios, elevator speeches, pitches - whatever you would like to polish. We'll take a look at the whole process of submission and how to keep track of what you send out, the responses, and how to accept a rejection and move on.
Nov 01
Green Bay
11:30 - 3:00; 1951 West Restaurant,1951 Bond St, Green Bay

Planning Meeting for 2018 Area Programs
Nov 11
Chippewa Falls
10:00-12:30; 29 Pines at Sleep Inn & Suites, Eau Claire

Successful Storylines: Bring examples of your favorite, or least favorite, storylines. Why did this one work and that one did not? Are you having trouble with the storyline in your current project? Maybe we can help you brainstorm a fix. If you come away with nothing more than a good time with a group of fun ladies, you win!
Nov 18
9:00-11:30 am at Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, Lower Level)

Planning Meeting for 2018 Area Programs and First Page Feedback We will be laying out strategy for our 2018 Programming Calendar for the first hour. Bring your ideas and be prepared to brainstorm about what would make for valuable seminars/presentations/talks/workshops. The second half of the meeting will be First Page Feedback. Bring the first page (or first 300 words) of your work-in-progress to read to the group. Members will offer comments about two things that they liked or worked well and one thing that might need improvement. In the past, this has provided our members with a nice boost to their confidence!

WisRWA Newsletter

Write Touch: Past Winners

Write Touch


Contemporary Long – Melynda Price – Fighting For Control
Contemporary Midlength – Sara Dahmen – Wine and Children
Contemporary Short – Stacey Joy Netzel – Spring Dreams
Erotic Romance – Jade Chandler – Enough
Historical – Margaret Mallory – Claimed by a Highlander (The Douglas Legacy)
Inspirational – Laura Scott – Shielding His Christmas Witness
Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance Theme – Robin Perini – Forgotten Secrets
Paranormal/Time Travel/Fantasy – Marissa Doyle- Skin Deep
Romantic Suspense – Abbie Roads -Hunt the Dawn
Young Adult – Tricia Cerrone – Glisten


Contemporary Long – A Winter Wedding by Brenda Novak
Contemporary Midlength – Power Privilege & Pleasure: Queens of Kings: Book 4 by LaQuette
Fiction with Romantic Elements – Backstretch Baby  by Bev Pettersen
Historical – The Gunslinger and the Heiress by Kathryn Albright
Paranormal – Spirit Bound by Tessa McFionn
Romantic Suspense – Saving Andi by Barbara Raffin


Contemporary Long – The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak
Contemporary Midlength – New Year’s Promise by Anna Clifton
Romantic Elements – Amber Light by Virginia McCullough
Historical Long – Rebel Marquess by Amy Sandas
Historical Short – Triumph and Treasure by Collette Cameron
Inspirational – The Hesitant Heiress by Dawn Crandall
Paranormal – That Magic Touch by Donna Marie Rogers
Romantic Suspense – Danger Close by Kaylea Cross
Young Adult Romance – Innocent by Callie James


Short Series ContemporaryThe Cradle Conspiracy by Robin Perini
Long Series ContemporaryFatal Exposure by Gail Barrett
Single Title ContemporaryUnchained Memories by Maria Imbalzano
Romantic SuspenseTwice a Target by Susan Vaughan
HistoricalSweet Madness by Heather Snow
Paranormal/Fantasy/FuturisticA Soul for Vengeance by Crista McHugh
Mainstream w/Romantic ElementsIt Happened at the Fair by Deeanne Gist
Erotica/RomanticaToo Fast by Alexia Haynes
Inspirational/TraditionalUndercover Cowboy by Laura Scott
Young Adult Everything You Know by Mary Beth Bass


Short Series ContemporaryUnlocking The Surgeon’s Heart by Jessica Matthews
Single Title ContemporaryWhen Snow Falls by Brenda Novak
Romantic SuspenseBlue Ridge Fear by Robin Weaver
HistoricalSeven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed by Anna Campbell
Paranormal/Fantasy/FuturisticFortune’s Hero by Jenna Bennett
Mainstream w/Romantic ElementsThe Anatomist’s Wife by Anna Lee Huber
Erotica/RomanticaUnbridled and Unjustified by Elle Saint James
Inspirational/TraditionalAll Roads Lead Home by Christine Johnson
Young Adult Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry


Short Series ContemporaryCowboy Under Siege by Gail Barrett
Long Series ContemporaryA Deliberate Father by Kate Kelly
Single Title ContemporaryDon’t Mess With Texas by Christie Craig
Romantic SuspenseLost in Italy by Stacey Joy Netzel
HistoricalRedeeming the Rogue by Donna MacMeans
Paranormal/Fantasy/FuturisticBiting Me Softly by Mary Hughes
Mainstream w/Romantic ElementsTwenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank
Erotica/RomanticaBastian, The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber Inspirational/TraditionalSecrets of the Heart by Jillian Kent
Young Adult (tie) – Love Story by Jennifer Echols and Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter


Short Series ContemporarySingle Dad Sheriff by Lisa Childs
Long Series Contemporary (tie) – Quarterback Daddy by Linda Barrett and A One-Of-A-Kind Family by Holly Jacobs
Single Title Contemporary (tie) – Shut Up And Kiss Me by Christie Craig and Remember Me by Laura Moore
Romantic SuspenseDeadly Intent by Kylie Brant
HistoricalThe Hawk by Monica McCarty
Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal/Time Travel (tie) – Unchained: The Dark Forgotten by Sharon Ashwood and Rapture Untamed by Pamela Palmer
Erotica/RomanticaLove, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox
Inspirational/TraditionalHigh Plains Bride by Valerie Hansen


Short and Long Series ContemporarySummer at the Lake by Linda Barrett
Single Title Contemporary (tie) – Mistletoe Rules by Stacey Joy Netzel and CEO’s Don’t Cry by Joselyn Vaugh
Romantic SuspenseBlack Ribbon Affair by Casey Clifford
Historical (tie) – If He’s Wicked by Hannah Howell and The Wild One by Denise Eagan and Where The Wind Blows by Caroline Fyffe
Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal/Time TravelObsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer
Erotica/RomanticaIn The Flesh by Livia Dare
Inspirational/Traditional ContemporaryFinal Exposure by Roxanne Rustand
Mainstream with Romantic ElementsTurning Thirty Twelve by Sandy James


Short and Long Series ContemporaryFinding Mr. Right by Helen Brenna
Single Title ContemporaryLove With a Welcome Stranger by Lynette Baughman
Romantic SuspenseConspiracy of Silence by Martha Powers
Historical (tie) – Siren’s Song by Trish Albright and An Improper Aristocrat by Deb Marlowe
ParanormalWicked is the Night by Catherine Mulvany
Erotica/Romantica (tie) – Menagerie by Lara Santiago and Seven Nights of Sin by Lacey Alexander
Inspirational/TraditionalMIA: Missing in Atlanta by Debby Guisti
Mainstream with Romantic ElementsWho Killed Walter Dobbs? by JD Tynan


Short and Long ContemporaryShadow Whispers by Linda Conrad
Single Title ContemporaryThere Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde
Romantic SuspenseDead Giveaway by Brenda Novak
HistoricalLady be Bad by Candice Hern
ParanormalLord of the Fading Land by C.L. Wilson
Erotica/RomanticaVoyeur by Lacey Alexander
InspirationalAs I Have Loved You by Nikki Arana
Mainstream with Romantic ElementsVeil of Fire by Marlo Schalesky


Short ContemporaryHere With Me by Holly Jacobs
Long ContemporaryThe Last Warrior by Kylie Brant
Single Title Contemporary (tie) – My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair and Sweet Water by Anna Jeffrey and Love on the Ropes by Pat White
Romantic SuspenseJill 9 by J.D. Tynan
HistoricalTwilight Magic by Shari Anton
Paranormal (tie) – Eternal Nights by Patti O’Shea and Eyes of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready
Erotica/RomanticaMona Lisa Awakening by Sunny
InspirationalFront Porch Princess by Kathryn Springer
Mainstream with Romantic Elements (tie) – Calamity Jayne by Kathleen Bacus and The Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith


Short ContemporaryFirst Date by Karen Kendall
Long ContemporaryBig Girls Don’t Cry by Brenda Novak
Single Title ContemporaryFalling for Gracie by Susan Mallery
Romantic SuspensePaternity Unknown by Jean Barrett
HistoricalA Match Made in Scandal by Melody Thomas
Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal/Time TravelMoon’s Web by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp
Erotica/RomanticaShockingly Sensual by Lori Wilde
Inspirational/Traditional ContemporaryHero Dad by Marta Perry
Mainstream with Romantic ElementsThe Color of Light by Karen White
Traditional RegencyLord Will and Her Grace by Sophia Nash


Short ContemporaryBeyond Control by Bronwyn Jameson
Long ContemporaryOne Perfect Man by Lynda Sandoval
Single Title ContemporaryShower of Stars by Nancy Herkness
Romantic SuspenseSudden Recall by Jean Barrett
Historical (Long and Short)Once a Gentleman by Candice Hern
Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal/Time TravelA Man in a Kilt by Sandy Blair
Erotica/RomanticaIn Ice by Leigh Wyndfield
Inspirational/Traditional ContemporaryCatching Katie by Robin Lee Hatcher
Mainstream with Romantic ElementsUnsettling by Lynda Sandoval
Traditional RegencyA Passionate Endeavor by Sophia Nash


Short Contemporary SeriesSleeping Beauty & the Marine by Cathie Linz
Long Contemporary SeriesChristmas at Shadow Creek by Roxanne Rustand
Single Title ContemporaryAfter the Rain by Karen White
Romantic SuspenseTaking the Heat by Brenda Novak
Historical (Long and Short)By Starlight by Marliss Moon
Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal/Time TravelSpellbound in Seattle by Garthia Anderson
Inspirational/Traditional ContemporaryAn Angel’s Gift by Sherry Ann Miller
Traditional RegencyEmily’s Beau by Allison Lane


Short ContemporaryInto the Fire by Leslie Kelly
Long ContemporaryOperation Mistletoe by Roxanne Rustand
Single TitleHometown Girl by MaryJane Meier
Romantic SuspenseRafe Sinclair’s Revenge by Gayle Wilson
Historical (Long and Short)Irish Gypsy by Ana Seymour
Alternative RealityContact by Susan Grant
Inspirational/Traditional ContemporaryHis Secretary’s Secret by Barbara McMahon
Traditional RegencyKindred Spirits by Allison Lane


Short ContemporaryHis Baby Surprise by Kathie Denosky
Long ContemporaryLeave It To Max by Lori Handeland
Single Title/Romantic SuspenseNever Say Never by Carla Jeanne Bingham
Short HistoricalWhite Lion’s Lady by Tina St.John
Long HistoricalThe Prince’s Bride by Victoria Alexander
TraditionalA Nurse’s Patience by Jessica Matthews

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