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Oct 06
WisRWA 2018 Fall Workshop
Mark your calendars for the 2018 Fall Workshop on October 5-6, 2018 at the Grand Lodge Waterpark Resort, Rothschild, WI. Registration is now OPEN! For more information, click the Events tab and choose Workshop.
Apr 05
WisRWA 2019 Write Touch Conference
Mark your calendars for the 2019 Write Touch Conference April 5-7, 2019 at the Milwaukee Hyatt in beautiful downtown Milwaukee. The conference will feature Maya Rodale as keynote speaker, and Lisa Cron as one of the headliners. More details to follow!

Meeting Times

Jun 09
10-12 at the Wausau Downtown Branch of the Marathon County Library (Upstairs Meeting Room)

Creating Great Characters

Join Kathryn Springer as she speaks about creating great characters in our books.
Jun 16
Chippewa Falls
10-12:30 at Deb's Café 1120 122nd Street, Chippewa Falls


Writing natural sounded dialogue can be hard! Bring in some examples of good and bad dialogue and we'll discuss what works, what doesn't, and how to master writing dialogue.
Jun 16
11-2 at the Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, lower level), Wauwatosa

Advanced Techniques to Create Stories that Resonate, and World Building

Multi-award winning author Bradley P. Beaulieu will share his techniques for how to create a story that resonates with readers. He will also share his tips and tricks for world building. A light luncheon will be served. RSVP Requested! Please email info@wisrwa.org.
Jul 11
Green Bay
11:30-3 at 1951 West 1951 Bond Street, Green Bay

GGBA Has Talent

Bring the first page of your work in progress and join us as our narrator reads each page aloud and the group gives feedback to the anonymous author!
Jul 14
Chippewa Falls
10-12:30 at Deb's Café 1120 122nd Street, Chippewa Falls

It's All About BalanceWe all struggle with finding the time, and often the motivation, to write with all the other things that go on in our lives. Some of us have other jobs on top of our home and family obligations. Children, spouses, parents get sick or injured and need our time and attention. Committees, volunteer work, church, school, so many things can leave us drained at the end of the day. Then there are the discouraging, often depressing, things we hear about in our daily news reports. And don't forget such nonsense as #cockygate and bookstuffers! Come discuss with us how you manage to find the time and motivation to write while being pulled in so many directions.
Jul 21
9am-11:30 at the Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, lower level), Wauwatosa

Time for a Write-In!

We're getting together to WRITE! Bring your Work In Progress and join us your fellow authors as we get some writing accomplished.

WisRWA Newsletter

Fabulous Five Contest

Fab 5 Contest Badge

WisRWA is pleased to announce the final rankings of the 2018 Fab Five Contest:
*** denotes WisRWA member
# denotes a request for a full
† denotes a request for a partial



First Place
M. Kerwin – Tender Debt

Second Place
Natalie Caña*** – Under a Summer Moon #

Third Place
Joy Adare – Mr. Sexy Suit #

Fourth Place
Sandy Rhodes – Heartbeats of Home

Honorable Mention
Kate Courtright It Can’t Be You



First Place
Theresa Hennessey – A Matter of Manners #

Second Place
Hannah Singerman – Appetites and Vices

Third Place
Jeanine Englert – Queen of Hearts

Fourth Place
Kalinya Parker-Price – The Trouble With Love

Honorable Mention
Jane Yunker*** – The Healing Heart



First Place
Crystal Caudill – Counterfeit Love ##

Second Place
Lorri Dudley – The Duke’s Refuge #†

Third Place
Eilidh K. Lawrence – Returning With a Secret ##

Fourth Place
Loretta Eidson – Fatal Assignment

Honorable Mention
C.L. Simon – The Forgiving Tree



First Place
Alicia Anthony – Inherent Lies #

Second Place
Fenley Grant – Warrior of Eden

Third Place
Christine Welman*** – Legends #

Fourth Place
Laralyn Doran – A Child of Eden

Honorable Mention
Carrie Christie – Severed Ties


Romantic Suspense

First Place
Jeanine Englert – Against the Tide

Second Place
Lisa Heartman – High Heels and Handguns #

Third Place
Lori Matthews – Break and Enter

Fourth Place
Meredith Clark – Unconquered #

Honorable Mention
Magda Cavin – Opposing Stock


Women’s Fiction

First Place
Anne E. Terpstra – Beyond Any Experience ††

Second Place
Maggie Smith – Not So Simple ††

Third Place
Suzanne Montz Adams – Alchemy of Spirit

Fourth Place
Julie M. Mulligan – The Lost Sister

Honorable Mention
Laura Dritlein*** – Possum Trot


Young Adult/New Adult

First Place
Lani Forbes – Virtue and Valor ††

Second Place
Leonie Kelsall – Echoes Across Time

Third Place
Rhian Rose – What Would a Wonder Woman Do

Fourth Place
Sammi Spizziri – After I Bid You Adieu

Honorable Mention
Jacqueline Lee – It’s All About Sam


Congratulations to the winner of the FREE workshop registration to Unlock Your A Game: Alicia Anthony

Congratulations to the winners of the detailed critiques:
Danys Castillo
Lisa Romdenne
Rebekah Millet
Christine Welman
Marie Dodds
Sandy Rhodes
Laura Joy McKendrick
Carlyn Jones
Lawrence Hill


Here’s our lineup of categories and judges for 2018:

Contemporary Alycia Tornetta, Entangled Publishing
Ann Leslie Tuttle, Dystel, Goderich & Bourret
Historical Norma Perez-Hernandez, Kensington Publishing Corp
Nikki Terpilowski, Holloway Literary Agency
Inspirational Nicola Martinez, Pelican Book Group
Julie Gwinn, Seymour Agency
Futuristic/Time Travel:
Mackenzie Walton, Carina Press
Samantha Wekstein, Writers House Literary Agency
Romantic Suspense Kristine Swartz, Penquin Random House
Cori Deyoe, 3 Seas Literary Agency
Women’s Fiction Margaret Johnston, Sourcebooks
Dorian Maffei, Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Young Adult/New Adult Ashley Hearn, Page Street Publishing
Veronica Park, Corvisiero Literary Agency


Enter for a chance to win a detailed critique!

Thank you to our published members providing critiques: Jennifer Trethewey, Sara Dahmen, Tina Susedik, Amy Sandas, Cheryl Yeko, Casey Clifford, Tessa McFionnLois Greiman, and Barbara Raffin!

To read more about our published authors, click their name below.
Amy Sandas
Tina Susedik
Jennifer Trethewey
Tessa McFionn
Lois Greiman
Casey Clifford
Cheryl Yeko
Sara Dahmen
Barbara Raffin


Any questions? Please contact the Fabulous Five Contest Coordinator: Molly Maka at fabfive @ wisrwa.org.


For more information:

Complete Details, Rules, and Eligibility (pdf format)

Score Sheet (pdf format)


Past Winners of the Fab Five Contest