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Green Bay
11:30-3 at 1951 Restaurant, 1951 Bond Street, Green Bay, WI

Programming 2020

Chippewa Falls
10-12:30 at Bridgewater Restaurant & Pub, 1009 W Park Ave, Chippewa Falls, WI

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10:00-12:30 Location TBD

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WisRWA Newsletter

Books by Members: S – Z

Authors: A – F | G – M | N – R | S – Z

Amy Sandas
The Gunslinger’s Vow, Sourcebooks (June 2018)
Christmas in a Cowboy’s Arms (Anthology), Sourcebooks (October 2017)
Lord of Lies, Sourcebooks (July 2017)
The Untouchable Earl, Sourcebooks (November 2016)
Luck is No Lady, Sourcebooks (April 2016)
Relentless Lord, Samhain Publishing (August 2015)
Rebel Marquess, Samhain Publishing (April 2014)
Reckless Viscount, Samhain Publishing (June 2013)
Rogue Countess, Samhain Publishing (July 2012)

Christine Ann Schimpf
A Christmas Kind of Perfect, Pelican Book Group (December 2017)
The Ticket (April 2015)
Nick: The Journey of a Lifetime (December 2011)

Laura Scott
Battle Tested Love Inspired Suspense (October 2018)
To Love Readscape Publishing (Sept. 2018)
Primary Suspect Love Inspired Suspense (May 2018)
Shattered Lullaby Love Inspired Suspense (January 2018)
Christmas Amnesia Love Inspired Suspense (October 2017)
Sheriff (Classified K-9 Unit Continuity Series), Love Inspired Suspense (May 2017)
The Only Witness (Callahan Confidential Book 2), Love Inspired Suspense, (February 2017)
Shielding His Christmas Witness, (Callahan Confidential Book 1), Love Inspired Suspense (November 2016)
Mirror Image, (SWAT: Top Cops Book 6), Love Inspired Suspense (February 2016)
Holiday on the Run, (SWAT: Top Cops Book 5), Love Inspired Suspense (December 2015)
Forgotten Memories, (SWAT: Top Cops Book 4), Love Inspired Suspense (August 2015)
Second Chance (May 2015)
Under the Lawman’s Protection (SWAT: Top Cops Book 3), Love Inspired Suspense (January 2015)
Christmas Reunion (November 2014)
Down to the Wire (SWAT: Top Cops Book 2), Love Inspired Suspense (October 2014)
Worth The Wait (July 2014)
Wrongly Accused (SWAT: Top Cops Book 1), Love Inspired Suspense (April 2014)
Her Mistletoe Protector, Love Inspired Suspense (November 2013)
Coming Home (September 2013)
Undercover Cowboy, Love Inspired Suspense (April 2013)
Identity Crisis, Love Inspired Suspense (May 2012)
Twin Peril, Love Inspired Suspense (August 2012)
Proof of Life, Love Inspired Suspense (November 2011)
Secret Agent Father, Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense (May 2010)
Thanksgiving Target, Love Inspired Suspense (November 2009)

Kira Shayde
Ancient Heat (June 2017)
Desires at War (May 2015)
Bane of Her Desire (June 2014)

Lily Silver
Some Enchanted Dream, Timeless Lovers Press (June 2015)
Gallant Rogue (October 2014)
The Gypsy’s Curse (November 2014)
Bright Scoundrel (January 2013)
A Christmas Kiss (December 2013)
A Widow’s Christmas Wish (December 2013)
Dark Hero (April 2012)
Some Enchanted Waltz (June 2012)
The Rock Star Next Door (September 2012)
Christmas at (December 2012)

Tina Susedik
Missing Innocence, A Chandler County Novel (July 2018)
Love With a Side of Crazy, Kindle World (February 2018)
Missing my Heart (November 2017)
A Photograph of Love, Hell Yeah!, Kindle World (May 2017)
The Trail to Love from the Soul Mate Tree Collective (April 2017)
Never With A Rich Man, Soul Mate Publishing (November 2016)
Operation Santa from Sizzle in the Snow, Soul Mate Publishing (November 2015)
The Valentine’s Proposal in My Sexy Valentine, Soul Mate Publishing (February 2015)
Riding for Love, Soul Mate Publishing (May 2013)
A Year and A Day” in the anthology All I Want For Christmas is a Soulmate, Soul Mate Publishing (November 2013)

Nancy Sweetland
The Shopkeeper’s Secret, Divine Garden Press (March 2018)
The Countess of Denwick, Divine Garden Press (August 2016)
The Perfect Suspect, Soul Mate Publishing (June 2016)
The House on the Dunes, Divine Garden Press (September 2014)
Girard’s Nude (December 2013)
Wannabe, The Wild Rose Press (September 2012)
The Door to Love, The Wild Rose Press (July 2009)

Bob Rogers w/a Jean Thomas
Where Sin Lieth (June 2018)
Too Good To Be True, The Wild Rose Press (February 2017)
The Bounty Hunter’s Forbidden Desire, Harlequin Romantic Suspense (2015)
Lethal Affair, Harlequin Romantic Suspense (2014)
The Lieutenant by Her Side, Harlequin Romantic Suspense (2013)
AWOL with the Operative, Harlequin Romantic Suspense (2012)

DC Thome
The Fast Lane Trilogy Box Set, T2W (2015)
San Fernando Dreams (Fast Lane Romance No. 3), T2W (2014)
Malibu Bride, (Fast Lane Romance No. 2), T2W (2013)
Man Writing Another Romance, T2W (2013)
See You in Hell, T2W (2013)
Palm Springs Heat  (Fast Lane Romance No. 1), T2W (2012)
Man Writing a Romance, T2W (2012)

Jennifer Rupp w/a Jennifer Trethewey
Betting the Scot, Entangled Publishing (April 2018)
Tying the Scot</em, Entangled Publishing (November 2017)

Carol Ann Voss
After the Wedding (October 2017)
A Baby for Sarah (September 2014)
Daddy Next Door, Love Inspired (August 2013)
Love of a Lifetime, Love Inspired (April 2012)
Instant Daddy, Love Inspired (May 2011)
The Way to a Woman’s Heart, Silhouette Special Edition (November 2004)

Victoria Hinshaw w/a Summit Wahl
BirthRights: A Dangerous Brew (February 2012)

C. J. Warrant
Forgetting Jane, Solstice Publishing, (June 2016)
Mirror Imange, Solstice Publishing, (September 2017)
Sweet Reunion, Solstice Publishing, (November 2017)

Liza Wiemer
Hello?, Spencer Hill Contemporary (November 2015)

Maxine Douglas w/a Debi Wilder
Blue Moon Magic (January 2015)
Gabby’s Second Chance (January 2012)

Laurie Winter
After All, The Wild Rose Press, April 2018
True Horizon, The Wild Rose Press (December 2017)
Home Field, The Wild Rose Press (June 2017)

Cheryl Yeko
Loving a Hero (April 2018)
Between Midnight and Dawn, Soul Mate Publishing (May 2016)
Christmas Eve Surprise in Sizzle in the Snow, Soul Mate Publishing (December 2015)
Valentine’s Day Breakup in My Sexy Valentine, Soul Mate Publishing (February 2015)
Eyes of a Hero (January 2015)
A Romantic Suspense Trio: Bad boys, kick-ass heroines, and ghosts, oh my! (December 2014)
The Notary, Soul Mate Publishing (July 2014)
Shielding Her Heart, Soul Mate Publishing (January 2014)
Mountain Hero (September 2013)
Abducting Casey, Soul Mate Publishing (June 2013)
A Man to Trust, Soul Mate Publishing (October 2012)
Protecting Rose, Soul Mate Publishing (December 2011)

Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko w/a CiCi Cordelia
The Dance Hall Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 2) (Oct 2018)
The Substitute Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 1) (May 2018)
Realm of the Dragon (January 2017)
Cherished Secrets: Three Novellas of Hidden Truths, Steamy Passions, and Triumphant Love (January 2016)
Rodeo King (July 2015)

Jennifer Yost w/a Jevenna Willow
Forged Souls of Amathus (Brothers of Amathus/Sochi) (August 2018)
Forged Souls of Amathus (Brothers of Amathus/ Stephan) (July 2018)
Forged Souls of Amathus (Brothers of Amathus/ Samuel) (June 2018)
Forged Souls of Amathus (Brothers of Amathus/ Saber) (June 2018)
Forged Souls of Amathus (Brothers of Amathus/ Saxton) (June 2018)
Loose Screws (June 2018)
Kissed Desire (February 2018)
A Kind of Insanity (January 2018)
The Games They Played (Bad Girl’s Redemption book 2) (August 2017)
Aiden’s Place (July 2017)
Selatial’s Quest (June 2017)
Elemental Instincts (March 2017)
The Sound of a Heart (January 2017)
Sahara (January 2017)
The Sharing of Gill (Sinners of Preacher’s Bend Book 4) (August 2016)
Abidoe (July 2016)
Code of Control (July 2016)
Lunar Eclipse (Sinners of Old Creek Book 5) (June 2016)
Wetherby’s Camelot (April 2016)
Generous Amounts (novella) (April 2016)
Wicked Rules (novella) (April 2016)
Roses That Weren’t Red (April 2016)
Three Red Lights (novella) (September 2015)
The Contest (September 2015)
Tagged (Revenge of the Feather Men) (September 2015)
Chocolate Fix (August 2015)
Everything but Perfect (July 2015)
Slopes of Desire (novella) (June 2015)
Consensual Soul (June 2015)
Seduction of Saber (Saving the Sinners of Preacher’s Bend, Book 3) (May 2015)
Five Carats (May 2015)
Walls of Caryfaith Hall (May 2015)
Feather Men (Revenge of the Feather Men, part 2) (February 2015)
After the Shore, Soul Mate Publishing (December 2014)
Willowbark (November 2014)
Breathless Response (Bad Girl’s Redemption, Book 2), Soul Mate Publishing (October 2014)
Intended Secrets, co/authored with Jenna Greenland (September 2014)
Beneath the Lace (September 2014)
Roundabout Road (Saving the Sinners of Preacher’s Bend Book 2) (June 2014)
High Edges, Sinners of Old Creek Book 3, Soul Mate Publishing (June 2014)
Dragon’s Tongue (May 2014)
Change (revised edition) (May 2014)
Megan’s Falls, Sinners of Old Creek, Book 2, Soul Mate Publishing (April 2014)
120 MPH (Saving the Sinners of Preacher’s Bend Book 1) (April 2014)
Wise Indecision, Sinners of Old Creek, Book 1, Soul Mate Publishing (February 2015)
Eruption of Volcanoes, Sinners of Old Creek Book 4 (December 2013)
The Tempting Degrees of Celsius (December 2013)
Melagore (December 2013)
An Idealistic Blue (December 2013)


Authors: A – F | G – M | N – R | S – Z