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Oct 07
Green Bay
9:30 - 3:00; Comfort Suites, Green Bay

Join Green Bay members for a FREE Saturday workshop with Colleen Belongea. Colleen is a former LT. for the Green Bay Police Department, she is a Criminal Justice Instructor for NWTC, as well as a State of Wisconsin DOJ Instructor certified to teach in the LE Academy. Colleen will present the following workshops: 1. Women and Law Enforcement…why they get into LE, why they leave, promotions, etc. How to survive in the field, how to build a career in the field, what are quick career killers for women; 2. Defense and Arrest Tactics; and 3. Law enforcement responses & a LE officer’s perspective on the changes in society and challenges for officers. Detailed schedule forthcoming.
Oct 14
10:00-12:00 at Marathon County Library (2nd Floor Small Conference Room), 300 N. 1st Street, Wausau, WI

Marketing Continued. Learn how BookFunnel Bundles and Instafreebie can help you with marketing your book.
Oct 21
9:00-11:30 am at Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, Lower Level)

Polish and Submit Workshop with Cheryl Yeko: Bring your query letter drafts, summaries, author bios, elevator speeches, pitches - whatever you would like to polish. We'll take a look at the whole process of submission and how to keep track of what you send out, the responses, and how to accept a rejection and move on.
Nov 01
Green Bay
11:30 - 3:00; 1951 West Restaurant,1951 Bond St, Green Bay

Planning Meeting for 2018 Area Programs
Nov 11
Chippewa Falls
10:00-12:30; 29 Pines at Sleep Inn & Suites, Eau Claire

Successful Storylines: Bring examples of your favorite, or least favorite, storylines. Why did this one work and that one did not? Are you having trouble with the storyline in your current project? Maybe we can help you brainstorm a fix. If you come away with nothing more than a good time with a group of fun ladies, you win!
Nov 18
9:00-11:30 am at Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, Lower Level)

Planning Meeting for 2018 Area Programs and First Page Feedback We will be laying out strategy for our 2018 Programming Calendar for the first hour. Bring your ideas and be prepared to brainstorm about what would make for valuable seminars/presentations/talks/workshops. The second half of the meeting will be First Page Feedback. Bring the first page (or first 300 words) of your work-in-progress to read to the group. Members will offer comments about two things that they liked or worked well and one thing that might need improvement. In the past, this has provided our members with a nice boost to their confidence!

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Stacey Joy Netzel
Conned, Italy Intrigue Series (May 2015)
Betrayed, Italy Intrigue Series (July 2013)
Kidnapped, Italy Intrigue Series (September 2011)
Vow of Trust, Colorado Trust Series (June 2016)
Dare to Trust, Colorado Trust Series (May 2014)
Shattered Trust, Colorado Trust Series (May 2014)
Trust in the Lawe, Colorado Trust Series (May 2014)
Trust by Design, Colorado Trust Series (May 2014)
Evidence of Trust, Colorado Trust Series (April 2014)
Say You’ll Marry Me, Welcome to Redemption Series Book 10 (October 2015)
Hold On To Me, Welcome to Redemption Series Book 8 (January 2013)
The Heart of the Matter, Welcome to Redemption Series Book 6 (June 2011)
Grounds For Change, Welcome to Redemption Series Book 4 (June 2011)
A Fair to Remember, Welcome to Redemption Series Book 2 (June 2011)
Mistletoe Match-up, Romancing Wisconsin Series (October 2012)
Mistletoe Magic, Romancing Wisconsin Series (September 2012)
Mistletoe Mischief, Romancing Wisconsin Series (September 2012)
Autumn Kiss, Romancing Wisconsin Series (October 2014)
Autumn Bliss, Romancing Wisconsin Series (July 2014)
Autumn Wish, Romancing Wisconsin Series (October 2013)
Spring Dreams, Romancing Wisconsin Series (September 2016)
Spring Serendipity, Romancing Wisconsin Series (February 2016)
Spring Fling, Romancing Wisconsin Series (July 2015)
Chasin’ Mason (July 2012)
More Than a Kiss (April 2012)
Ditched Again (July 2011)
Dragonfly Dreams (December 2011)
Rising Above (Still Waters Part Two) (November 2012)
Beneath Still Waters (Part One) (October 2012)
If Tombstones Could Talk (October 2011)

Tempeste O’Riley
Whiskers of a Chance, Dreamspinner Press (September 2015)
Desires’ Pride, Dreamspinner Press (November 2015)
Signs of Desire, Dreamspinner Press (December 2015)
Simple Desires (Grand Aventures anthology), Dreamspinner Press (March 2014)
Bound by Desire, Dreamspinner Press (March 2014)
Desires’ Guardian, Dreamspinner Press (June 2014)
Temptations of Desire, Dreamspinner Press (September 2014)
Micah’s Medicine (in Hope and Love Anthology), Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing (September 2014)
Caged Sanctuary, Dreamspinner Press (December 2014)
Designs of Desire, Dreamspinner Press (July 2013)

Nicolette Pierce
Five Weddings and a Fiasco (May 2017)
Critical Point (January 2017)
Fearsome Foursome (October 2016)
Pocketful of Diamonds (May 2016)
Melting Point (March 2016)
Biker Brigade (October 2015)
My Traitor (June 2015)
The Last Tailored Suit (January 2015)
My Traitor (June 2015)
Biker Brigade (October 2015)
Security Squad (October 2014)
Squeeze Play (June 2014)
Cashing Out (December 2013)
Predator Patrol (October 2013)
The Big Blind (May 2013)
High Stakes (May 2013)
Deadly Dancing (December 2011)

Sophie Rhem w/a Augusta Qynn
Wren and the Prince (April 2016)

Olivia Rae
Resurrection, HopeKnight Press (April 2017)
Redemption, HopeKnight Press (April 2016)
Salvation, HopeKnight Press (July 2015)
Revelation, HopeKnight Press (July 2015)

Barbara Raffin
Seeking Bliss (St. John Sibling Series Book 4) (May 2016)
Saving Andi (May 2015)
Craving a Hero (St. John Sibling Series Book 3) (October 2014)
Indentured Heart, Brown Wrapper Publishing (March 2014)
Finding Home (St. John Sibling Series Book 2), Plain Wrapper Publishing (November 2013)
Taming Tess (The St. John Sibling Series Book 1), Plain Wrapper Publishing (July 2013)
Wolfsong (2013)
Jaded (2013)
The Visitor (2013)
Time Out Of Mind, Amazon Digital Services (October 2010)
The Scarecrow and Ms. Moon, Whiskey Creek Press (September 2010)
The Mating Game, Five Star Publishing (December 2009)

Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers
The Wrong Wedding, Freeman Group, LLC (August 2015)

Bob Rogers w/a Lee Rogers
All These Splendid Sins, Kensington (May 1979)

Donna Marie Rogers
Never Let Me Go (January 2013)
A Fair of the Heart, Kindle (June 2011)
Home is Where the Heart Is, Kindle (June 2011)
The Perfect Blend, Kindle (July 2011)
Foolish Pride, Smashwords (July 2011)
Golden Opportunity, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords (September 2011)
Meant to Be, The Wild Rose Press (July 2009)
There’s Only Been You, The Wild Rose Press (October 2008)

Donna Marie Rogers & Stacey Joy Netzel
Welcome To Redemption, The Wild Rose Press (July 2008)

Roxi Romano
Two Grooms for Dani, Ellora’s Cave (July 2010)


Authors: A – F | G – M | N – R | S – Z

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