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Mar 01
Last Day to Enter Fabulous Five Contest
March 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST is the last day the Fab Five Contest will accept entries. Entries cap at 35 entries per category and all entries received after the deadline will be returned.

For more information: www.wisrwa.org/contests/contest-fab-five
Oct 06
WisRWA 2018 Fall Workshop
Mark your calendars for the 2018 Fall Workshop on October 5-6, 2018 at the Grand Lodge Waterpark Resort, Rothschild, WI. For more information, click the Workshop tab.
Apr 05
WisRWA 2019 Write Touch Conference
Mark your calendars for the 2019 Write Touch Conference April 5-7, 2019 at the Milwaukee Hyatt in beautiful downtown Milwaukee. The conference will feature Maya Rodale as keynote speaker, and Lisa Cron as one of the headliners. More details to follow!

Meeting Times

Mar 07
Green Bay
11:30-2:00; 1951 West, 1951 Bond Street, Green Bay

How to Write a Series

Green Bay Area member, Lily Silver will share her process on how to write a successful series.
Mar 10
Chippewa Falls
10-12:30; Deb’s Café, 1120 122nd Street, Chippewa Falls

Fear of Writing and Publishing: Success and/or Failure

Is fear holding you back from realizing your dream? Are you afraid of the writing/publishing process, afraid of failing after all your best efforts, or, yes, even afraid of actually succeeding? Then this discussion is for you.
Mar 10
10:00 - 12:00; Marathon County Library, 300 North First Street, Wausau WI

The Nitty Gritty Down & Dirty – Truth About Writing the Break-out Block-Buster Novel

A fun guide to plotting: Why start from scratch and reinvent storytelling? This workshop is a guide that reveals the structure and elements in huge bestsellers. We will see how successful authors break out by satisfying readers’ needs.
Mar 17
11:00-2:30; Mayfair Mall (Garden Suites Community Room, Lower Level), 2500 N Mayfair Rd, Wauwatosa

Get Ready to Indie!

WisRWA Member, Nicolette Pierce will share details about self-publishing. Find out if self-publishing is right for you, when to know if you're ready and many more things surrounding this type of publishing.

WisRWA Newsletter

Books by Members: G – M

Authors: A – F | G – M | N – R | S – Z


Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers w/a The Stiletto Girls
Flipflops/Stilettos in the Sand, Citrine Group, LLC (June 2012)
Stilettos in the South, Citrine Group, LLC (May 2013)
Blue Jeans & Stilettos, Citrine Group, LLC (September 2013)
Ms. Claus Wear Stilettos, Citrine Group, LLC (September 2013)
Venus in Stilettos, Citrine Group, LLC (September 2013)
Stilettos in Wine Country, Citrine Group, LLC (May 2014)
Stilettos in Sturgis, Citrine Group, LLC (June 2014)
Pretty in Lipstick, Wicked in Stilettos, Citrine Group, LLC (June 2015)
Spurs and Stilettos, Citrine Group, LLC (November, 2016)

Lois Greiman
Unleashed, Random House (June 2016)
Uncorked, Random House (January 2012)
Not One Clue, Random House
One Hot Mess, Random House
Unmanned, Random House
Unscrewed, Random House
Unplugged, Random House
Unzipped, Random House
Finally Home, Kensington (November 2013)
Home Fires, Kensington (May 2013)
Finding Home, Kensington (November 2012)
Hearth Song, Kensington (January 2016)
Hearth Stone, Kensington (February 2015)
Accidental Seduction, Harper Collins
Charming the Devil, Harper Collins
Seduced By Your Spell, Harper Collins
Under Your Spell, Harper Collins
Bewitching the Highlander, Harper Collins
Tempting the Wolf, Harper Collins
Taming the Barbarian, Harper Collins
Seducing A Princess, Harper Collins
Princess Masquerade, Harper Collins
The Princess and Her Pirate, Harper Collins
The Warrior Bride, Harper Collins
The MacGowan Betrothal, Harper Collins (October 2001)
Fraser Bride, Harper Collins (April 2001)
Highland Hawk, Harper Collins (January 2000)
Highland Enchantment, Harper Collins (April 1999)
Highland Scoundrel, Harper Collins (September 1998)
The Lady and the Knight, Harper Collins (December 1997)
Highland Wolf, Harper Collins (August 2013)
Highland Flame, Harper Collins (March 1996)
Highland Jewel, Harper Collins (August 2013)
Counterfeit Cowgirl, Harlequin
Her Bodyguard, Harlequin
From Caviar to Chaos, Harlequin (November 2014)
Surrender My Heart, Harper Collins (January 2014)
My Desperado, Harper Collins (October 1994)
The Gambler, Harper Collins (February 2015)
Buffalo Knees (December 2013)
Mixing Magic (October 2013)

Melissa Haag
Destined Souls, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC(April 2017)
Carlos’ Peace, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC(February 2017)
Hope[less] (French Edition), Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (January 2017)
Thomas’ Heart, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (November 2016)
Luke’s Dream, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (August 2016)
Emmitt’s Treasure, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (April 2016)
(Dis)content, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (November 2015)
Clay’s Hope (April 2015)
Shadows and Light (May 2014)
(Un)bidden (November 2014)
Touch (January 2013)
(Hope)less (March 2013)
(Mis)fortune (April 2013)
(Un)wise (November 2013)

MJ Haag
Demon Ember, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (June 2017)
Facing the Lutha, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (April 2017)
Escaping the Lutha, Shattered Glass Publishing LLC (March 2017)
Depravity (June 2015)
Deceit (July 2015)
Devastation (August 2015)

Meg Hennessy
A Pirate’s Revenge, Entangled Select (January 2016)
A Pirate’s Command, Entangled Select (August 2015)
Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous, Entangled Select (August 2014)
Whisper of Gold, The Wild Rose Press (April 2010)
Shadows of a Southern Moon, The Wild Rose Press (May 2009)

Victoria Hinshaw
Miss Parker’s Ponies, A Traditional Regency Romance (February 2013)
Miss Milford’s Mistake (March 2013)
The Fontainebleau Fan (October 2012)
The Eligible Miss Elliott (November 2012)

Mary Hughes
Mind Mates (Pull of the Moon), 7th Octave Publishing (August 2016)
Cin Wikkid, 7th Octave Publishing (March 2016)
Masked Attraction (Pull of the Moon Prequel), 7th Octave Publishing (February 2015)
Biting Serendipity (April Fools in Love), 7th Octave Publishing (March 2015)
Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon Book 1), Samhain Publishing (April 2015)
Biting Love Nibbles, 7th Octave Publishing (June 2015)
Passion Bites: Biting Love Book 9, Samhain Publishing (December 2015)
Downbeat (Biting Love Book 7), Samhain Publishing (March 2014)
Murder at Chipmunk Lake (Biting Love Short Bites), Mythic Mail (July 2014)
Black Diamond Jinn in Paranormally Yours: A Boxed Set (September 2014)
Assassins Bite (Biting Love Book 8), Samhain Publishing (November 2014)
Edie and the CEO (Heart to Heart), Crimson Romance (December 2014)
Biting Oz (Biting Love Book 5), Samhain Publishing (July 2013)
Twice Shy (July 2013)
Beauty Bites (Biting Love Book 6), Samhain Publishing (August 2013)
Biting Holiday Honeymoons (November 2013)
Black Diamond Jinn (May 2012)
Biting Me Softly, Samhain Publishing (April 2010)
Bite My Fire, Samhain Publishing (August 2010)
Biting Nixie, Samhain Publishing (January 2009)
The Bite of Silence, Samhain Publishing (December 2009)

Sharon Ricklin Jones
Garden of Time (November 2015)
Song of Memory (February 2015)
Ravenswynd Series Boxed Set (April 2015)
Ravenswynd Legends (March 2013)
Ravenswynd Dreams (June 2013)
Ravenswynd Visions (September 2013)
River of Time (October 2013)
Ravenswynd Destinies (November 2013)

Leigh Morgan, Elle J. Rossi, and Mary Hughes
Entranced: A Halloween Box Set, 7th Octave Publishing (October 2014)
Fighting Fate, Pen and Sword Publishing (June 2012)

Laura Iding

Unmasking Dr. Serious, Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical Romance (March 2013)
Her Little Spanish Secret, Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical Romance (December 2012)
Dating Dr. Delicious, Harlequin Medical Romance (August 2011)
Cedar Bluff’s Most Eligible Bachelor, Harlequin Medical Romance (February 2011)
The Nurse’s Brooding Boss, Harlequin Medical (March 2010)
Emergency: Single Dad, Mother Needed, Harlequin Medical (March 2009)
Marrying the Playboy Doctor, Harlequin Medical (October 2009)
Expecting A Christmas Miracle, Harlequin Medical (November 2009)
The Surgeon’s New Year Wedding Wish, Harlequin Medical (December 2009)
The Firefighter and the Single Mum, Harlequin Medical (January 2008)
The Surgeon’s Secret Baby Wish, Harlequin Medical (July 2008)

Beth M. James
The Calling – Conviction, A Dream or Reality Trilogy Book 2, Dusken Publishing (2016)
The Calling, A Dream or Reality Trilogy Book 1, Dusken Publishing (November 2015)
Gitana – Life Plan, Dusken Publishing (March 2013)

Liza James
Hot for Teacher, eRed Sage (June 2009)
Game On, a Scarlet Rosette from The Wild Rose Press e-book form (January 2008)
Lying Eyes, Red Rose Publishing (January 2008)

Honey Jans
Roping a Runaway Wife, Red Rose Publishing (January 2009)
Stealing Secrets, Whiskey Creek Torrid (January 2009)

Helen C. Johannes
Bloodstone, AmazonEncore (September 2015)
Bloodstone, The Wild Rose Press (October 2013)
The Prince of Val-Feyridge, The Wild Rose Press (April 2010)

Seelie Kay
The Garage Dweller, eXtasy Books (July 2017)
Kinky Briefs, Thrice, eXtasy Books (September 2017)

Tina Susedik aka Anita Kidesu
Double the Surprise, The Wild Rose Press (May, 2017)
Surprise Me Again, The Wild Rose Press (November 2016)
Surprise Me, Short Story in The Candy Heart Series, The Wild Rose Press (January 2016)
South Seas Seduction, The Wild Rose Press (March 2015)

Paisley Kirkpatrick
Northwoods Series Book Four: Smugglers’ Roost, Desert Breeze Publishing (May 2017)
Northwoods Series Book Three: Frontier Cowboy, Desert Breeze Publishing (November 2016)
Northwoods Series Book Two: Love’s Embrace, Desert Breeze Publishing (May 2016)
Northwoods Series Book One: Christmas Surprise, Desert Breeze Publishing (November 2015)
Paradise Pines Series Book Six: Stealing Her Heart, Desert Breeze Publishing (June 2015)
Paradise Pines Series Book Five: One-Eyed Charly, Desert Breeze Publishing (December 2014)
Paradise Pines Series Book Four: Broken Promise, Desert Breeze Publishing (May 2014)
Paradise Pines Series Book Two: Forever After, Desert Breeze Publishing (September 2013)
Paradise Pines Series Book One: Marriage Bargain, Desert Breeze Publishing (March 2013)
Paradise Pines Series Book Three: Night Angel, Desert Breeze Publishing (August 2012)

Áine P Massie
Glamour Blade, Encompass Ink, Teen (August 2015)
Blood’s Voice, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing (March 2014)
Blood Marked, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing (August 2014)
Dinner for the Dead (in Hope and Love Anthology), Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing (September 2014)

Virginia McCullough
The Jacks of Her Heart (2015)
Amber Light (2014)
Greta’s Grace (2014)
The Chapels on the Hill (2014)
Island Healing (2013)

S.C. Mitchell
Valentine’s Day Canceled in My Sexy Valentine, Soul Mate Publishing (February 2015)
Pirates of the Dark Nebula, Soul Mate Publishing (July 2015)
The Blarmling Dilemma, Soul Mate Publishing (December 2014)
Son of Thunder, Soul Mate Publishing (February 2013)
Swiftly Beats the Heart (February 2012)
There’s No Such Thing as Werewolves (March 2012)
The Forsaken Templar (Demons Rising Book 2) (May 2012)
Seeds of Immortality (December 2012)

Mary Grace Murphy
Death Nosh, Written Dreams Publishing (October 2016)
Death Knock (January 2015)
Death Nell (January 2014)


Authors: A – F | G – M | N – R | S – Z